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African Journal of Environmental Assessment and Management

August 1, 2016

Volume 21, Issue 8, August 2016

The Role of Organizational Culture on improvement of Organizational Performance

Transport and Environmental Effects and Solutions

An Investigation into Different Types of Pipe-laying Methods at Sea

Optimizing Insulation Thickness and Analyzing Environmental Impacts of Insulated Building

Ornamental Architecture so- called Classic Tendency in Tehran Contemporary Architecture (Case Study: Sasan Building)

The Introduction of Soil Cement Material- its Technology and Application in Road Pavement Industry

Human Action Recognition from Depth Videos by Using Random Subspace Algorithms

Islamic Civilization Services to Progress Astronomy Science and Computing Measure; Analyzing Muslims Services to Progress Astronomy Science, Math Computing and Measure Tools, from the Seventh Century to the Twelfth Century AD

Impact theory of knowledge on Environmental Engineering- Field study of theory and knowledge of Islam in Iran Environmental Engineering (EE)

The relationship between creativity and intelligence with wisdom in adults

The study of director’s moral intelligence (compassion, openness, forgiveness and generosity) on improving employee motivation Case Study: oxin Khouzestan Steel Company

The Relationship of Business Ethics and Productivity of Human Resources

Ijtahadi analysis of payment of Deception Damages, with an emphasis on Jurisprudential Sources from the perspective of economic justice of Ahl al-Bayt (AS)

The Relation of Family and Society in New Models of Communication from Islamic Perspective