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African Journal of Environmental Assessment and Management

June 1, 2016

Volume 21, Issue 6, June 2016

A Conceptual Model to identify factors affecting the successful implementation of Customer Relationship Management

Formula proper management of govermen financial institutions in Islam and the Islamic Republic of Iran

The Role of Experiential Marketing in Brand Commitment Brokered Trust and Brand Loyalty

Change management based on the principle of ban on halal haram- analysis and ban apply Strategic principle "the haram change to halal" in the creative innovations, Relying on Mohammad words(PBUH)

Iranian banks approach of specialized support for knowledge-based exportation on resistive economy (Credit rating model to restore lending to exporters of knowledge-based products in Iran Export Development Bank)

Technical and economic assessment of environmental and natural-gas cars

Principles of planning, designing and monitoring systems, water harvesting and trading countries

Field Study of Financial adverse effects caused by smuggling in Iran

Taking advantage of thinking in the safety management system

Discover the principles and rules of national and international conflict resolution in Strategic Management of Iranian Legal Documents

Discussion on Providing Mechatronics Management Techniques in order to Designing Manufacturing Systems in Industrial Factories in Iran

Statistical and Analytical Study of Relationship between Depression and Critical Thinking among Iranian Student

Crisis prevention and management of production and consumption of energy resources

The Impact of Knowledge Management Processes on Agile Supply Chain (Case Study: Irankhodro Foundry Co.)

The Realm of Religion in Human’s Social life

The Relationship of Cosmos with Human Perception from the Perspective of Mulla Sadra