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African Journal of Environmental Assessment and Management

April 1, 2016

Volume 21, Issue 4, April 2016

Entrepreneurship Ethics, Catalyst of Entrepreneurship in the Formation of Stable

Trade Complementarity of Islamic Development Bank Group Member Countries and Development of the Counter Trade among Them

Provide a Conceptual Model for Knowledge Management in Knowledge-based Companies

Present an Integrated Model of Inter-agency Cooperation as a Step towards the Realization of the Fundamental Principles of National Unity with the Management Approach

The Role of Religion in the Management and Training of Children in the Family by Women in Iran Society

A Competitive Pricing Model for Tender a Bid

Analytical Study to Determine the Effects of Age, Education and Profit Role on Technology-Based Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries (Case Study: Fifty Small and Medium Technology-Based Entrepreneurship Units in Iran)

Application of the Islamic World in Financial management

Providing a Framework Appropriate Analytical Public Entrepreneurship with Emphasis on Strategic Entrepreneurship

Epistemology impact on entrepreneurship: Analysis and application in the field of Islamic Understanding the characteristics of entrepreneurship in Iran

Development and solving a mathematical model for school bus routing problems with heterogenous fleet

Investigation and analyzing of factors affecting management of technological capabilities and ranking the factors by ANP in the petrochemical industry (case study: Petrochemical Technologists Company)

Impacts of Job rotation on Employees’ Job Satisfaction: Case Study of Employees of Bank Melli Iran – Tehran West Head Branch

Entrepreneur and Place Stress on Setting up a new Business