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African Journal of Environmental Assessment and Management

March 1, 2016

Volume 21, Issue 3, March 2016

The Effect of Intellectual Property Rights on Technology Transfer and Economic Development

A Framework for technical documentation through reverse engineering the technology transfer projects, based on knowledge management

Collaborative Networks in Support of Reindustrialization in Line with the 1404 Vision Bill

Field Study Variety Enablers of Innovation-Based Sustainability Strategies in Iranian

The Analysis of Relationship Between Staff and their Families Support Schemes and the end of Service and Retirement Services and Mehr Eqtesad Bank Manpower Motivation

Determining Impacts of Self-Controlling System Implementation on Number of Defects in Product Unit and Determining the Importance of Factors Affecting Self-Control

Provide a Model to Commercialize the Results of Research and Development in the Knowledge-Based Institutions in United States

Studying the Role of Managers’ Job Satisfaction and its Impact on Increasing Innovation

Assess the Readiness of Hospitals in Markazi province in Disaster 2015

Leadership Property Rights from an Islamic Perspective; Reviews the Fundamentals of Analytical Islamic leader on the Field Right to Ownership of Mines, Forests, Meadows and Rivers of Shieh Scholars

A Model for Building Technology Market in Order to Facilitate the Exchange of Technology in the Marine Industry

Analyzing the concept and nature of patient needs from the perspective of Islam

Capacity Transfer and Commercialization of Technological Achievements RTOs Capacity Through technological Business Development Centers