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African Journal of Environmental Assessment and Management

January 1, 2018

Volume 23, Issue 1, January 2018

The Role of Islamic Contributions to the Development of the West

A Framework for technical documentation through reverse engineering the technology transfer projects, based on knowledge management

Production in Extracting from the Resistance-Economy Standards Articulating and Implementing National Production Indices in Iran By Using Notified Policies and Principles of The Islamic Republic

Management Analysis of the nature, methods and effective elements on Login contraband to Iran

Application of Islam (Analytical and Effects) -Application of Islam to the Iranian Executive management to the Executive Management in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Field Study of the Methods of Path Design and Algorithms Used in Order to Management and Application of Second Type Environmental Fuzzy Controller Optimized with GA

Formulas of business in the knowledge-based economy and management -Analysis and application of legal and Jurisprudence rules governing the ownership of the knowledge-based corperation in Iran

Analys and application of the Islamic law rules in forbidden business contracts in Iran